Live One Day At A Time With Intent

We are here just once, so make the best of every day. Laugh often! Smile Big! Feel the difference around you! It’s easier to be kind and nice than it is to be grumpy and cruel. Fact!

Life can be so hard at times and people just won’t know automatically what you are going through in your life. There is no need to complain except maybe to yourself…because everyone has something they are going through. Even if someone ‘seems’ grumpy or out of sorts I still greet them with kindness. They may have had a traumatic day and just can’t muster up a smile or a hello.

So be kind to everyone EVERYDAY!

S.A.N.B. 2020

This is Me

I am Sara, the Author of this website and blog. I am mother to 3 great grownup people! Having two boys and a beautiful daughter has been the highlight of my life! My eldest son has three beautiful children! Yes, I am a Grandmom too!

I have had loads of life experiences to talk about! I love creating and cooking as well as growing and harvesting herbs and veggies. Flowers and plants are a necessity to my life. To watch things grow and thrive is so refreshing to me in my life. Eating a more plant based diet is when I feel my best. Experimenting with Keto dieting and the challenge of finding enough menus to keep me on track is something I find very enjoyable and rewarding. My dogs and kitty cats have brought me so much pleasure and joy! You will meet them and hear stories of love and fun with them.

I have had over 34 jobs in my lifetime. It was enjoyable for me to have experienced so many different types of experiences, people and environments. Actually I have gotten to a point in my present job where I am feeling discontent. I presently work underground for a Transportation Authority as a cashier on the Subway line. Prior to being a Cashier I drove Transit Bus for 8 years and I LOVED IT! I live in the suburbs 35 miles from my job in the city of Philadelphia. Needless to say, life in the city is so different for a gal who was born and raised on farms, then who grew up only living in suburban areas. I never visited the city until I was over 40 years old.

Now I am trying this Affiliate Marketing out in hopes to finally succeed and for the enjoyment of telling my life stories in blogs. I never did know what I wanted to be when I grew up! Haha! I did know, however that I wanted to succeed as a Business Owner Online! So let the journey begin and end here!

God Bless you all! I’m so excited to be here! I hope you enjoy all I have to share.

There’s so much to share…….So little time!


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