CBD and Hemp Products are the Best For Pain Relief, Anxiety and Sleeplessness!

CBD and Hemp Products are the Best For Pain Relief, Anxiety and Sleeplessness!

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About CBD and Hemp!!!
My Husband’s Positive Experience With CBD and Hemp
Today I want to say that up until 2018 I never thought I would be promoting anything like CBD or ANYTHING to do with marijuana. Then my husband fell sick. Being diagnosed with both Colorectal Cancer and a diseased heart we were thrown into quite a storm! He decided that he would try some plant or “herb” to help him with his anxiety and depression along with the pain he experienced after a Triple Bypass and then Colorectal Cancer Surgery. The hospital stay was longer than expected and a lot was taken from his body. He felt like half of a man!

My Husband’s Road to Recovery using CBD and Hemp

Afibrillation was a problem for him during and after heart AND colorectal surgery. Afibs contributed to two strokes. After the Surgeries, he lost his driver’s license for awhile and could not see peripherally out of his left eye. When he had the cancer surgery he went into Stage 3 Kidney failure and had acquired multiple staph infections of varying types.

Finally, after a longer than usual hospital stay, he started out using CBD edibles such as CBD enfused cookies and drops of CBD oil in his morning water or coffee. He then progressed to smoking bowls of ground hemp buds. After discussing his activities with all of his doctors, and them being totally on board with the idea of CBD and Hemp, he continued his routine. The products became valuable to him. Especially when he was in pain or overly anxious about his new way of life.

After having a total proctocolectomy with end ileostomy he was left with this unsightly ostomy bag hanging out of his previously normal style of clothing. Not knowing if, at any given time, the ostomy apparatus might fall off or disconnect, embarrassment, stress and anxiety ruled him for quite some time. Going outside in public became increasingly embarrassing to him. To get up the courage to live more normally again, he started using different CBD and Hemp products. He was trying the products not knowing if he would ever live even NEAR a normal life again. Finally, over a year after his last surgery, he started venturing outdoors again.



Daily use of some form of CBD or Hemp has been a natural God send for both of us! He is calm and has a peaceful energy at the same time. For the most part he is pain free. Never being a complainer, I always knew when he was either in pain or uncomfortable. It showed outwardly in his attitude or testy nature.

No more does he get nasty or testy. He calmly completes tasks that would have, in the past, ended in cursing or slamming of doors. I suppose having cancer, infections, kidney failure, hernias and multiple surgeries most definitely had a big part in humbling him.

Often he would tell me how bad he felt that I had to do his wound care. Even though I remained calm on the outside I was a mess on the inside. And, I have needed to continue to be a part of his right hand. We both truly believe he owes most of his continuing recovery to CBD and Hemp products. His wonderful, understanding Medical team has been the best! Even his peripheral neuropathy is more tolerable now. He also got his license back so he feels more independent again.

No more does he suffer from anxiety, joint pain or sleeplessness. I call the marijuana plant one of God’s natural remedies. It certainly has been a wonderful God send for the both of us.

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God’s creations were designed for human life. I do not consider any of these products to be dangerous unless they are not used responsibly. Read all directions before using any cannabis product.

Educate yourself on Cannabis, CBD and Hemp Products as far as your job and the proper types to use for your personal illness or ailment.

As with any product you have never used before, please consult with your doctor before trying anything new.

Be Safe and Stay Well

SARA⚘⚘⚘😁Sara’s Smiles


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