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Earn Passive Rewards! Join Me! HyperFund

Here is a great presentation on this awesome opportunity! Get educated. Stay woke! This is real and awesome!Do your math! Check out the Satoshi Show and its owners. They have done the research for us!This is NOT multilevel marketing (although there are perks if you share and others join😉😉😳)!My link:⬇️↙️🥂….Is your money making MORE money…
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Eradicate Herpes, Cold Sores, Fever Blisters FOREVER

It is L-Lysine time! ZINC, VITAMIN C, LEMON BALM, Did you know Fever Blisters, Cold Sores (Herpes simplex virus, HSV-1 and sometimes HSV-2) CAN be slowed down or completely stopped? Research shows honey, aloe, apple cider vinegar and other natural supplements can eradicate those pesky and nasty looking rashes? They appear at the worst times!…
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It is Christmas! Time for Giving Gifts for Prosperity, Circle of Love, Tree Of Life, Health and Balance The Tree Of Life! Karma! Jade! RED Circle of Love! Health, Happiness, Joy, Love! If you need a gift to uplift your lists’ spirits with meaning, check this website out now!

Best Pillows For Cervical Neck Pain

Hello! I hope everyone is doing ok. It’s been a rough year. If you are anything like me, the anger and uneasiness surrounding Covid19 and all it has taken from us, can sure tighten up our muscles! Did you ever notice it is our necks and shoulders that hold our tensions? There is nothing like…
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CBD and Hemp Products are the Best For Pain Relief, Anxiety and Sleeplessness!

My Husband’s Positive Experience With CBD and Hemp Today I want to say that up until 2018 I never thought I would be promoting anything like CBD or ANYTHING to do with marijuana. Then my husband fell sick. Being diagnosed with both Colorectal Cancer and a diseased heart we were thrown into quite a storm!…
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Hot Peppers and Capsaicin for Arthritis, Weight Loss & Antioxidant Properties

This is the way I pickle my hot peppers. They are so good for us! I eat one daily for their antioxidant and metabolism benefits. They actually help in keeping weight in check. Hot peppers contain Capsaicin in the white inner part and seeds. It is found in most varieties of hot peppers. Below is…
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15 Best Pain Remedies for Joint, Muscle Pain and CMT

Hello! Today I want to talk about joint and neurological issues and what I have done and NOT done to help alleviate the horrible pain that comes with Degenerative Arthritis and other neurological diseases that can have an effect on our joints and bones. I continue to have chronic pain and migraines associated with DDD…
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Introduction to this Website/Blog

This website and blog is under some construction and is just getting underway. I will be discussing my passions, loves and things that keep this smile on my face. It’s not always easy to smile especially with all of the negative that goes on around us or in our own lives. Life is NEVER perfect…
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